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Why this film is unique?

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The story connects Indian and Western cultures. The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted. These strictly regulated brothels operate legally in isolated rural areas, away from the majority of Nevada's population. The mythical Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu text on human sexual behavior and is famous for describing the art of making love. According to historians, the book “Kamasutra” was scripted by the Hindu philosopher, Vatsyayana Mallagna between 400 BCE and 200 CE. Hinduism teaches that “Kama” or sexual pleasure is one among the four goals of a human’s life. “Sutra” means a manual. Thus, the “Kamasutra” is the manual of love making.​

A successful businessman, “Steve Banks,” an exotic madam, “Sheila,” and a scandalous sex guru, “Swami Kamalesh” team up to start an elite brothel called “The Kamasutra Garden” in Nevada. What is so unique about this brothel? It is the only brothel in the world where the girls are trained in “Kamasutra,” the ancient art and science of lovemaking. At Steve’s request, an award winning filmmaker “William Thomas” visits “The Kamasutra Garden” to prepare a documentary about the brothel and about the girls who work there. Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada is, “The Kamasutra Garden,” where the girls are young, beautiful and every man’s fantasy. However, William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there.




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